Camping Adriatico – Oasi Smeralda is situated between Ancona (20km.) and Senigallia (6km.), far from the railroad, surrounded by trees, plants and green spaces. It’s a special place to spend relax moments and to make exciting experiences.

Absolute relax on our green places totally sorrounded by trees.

Our mobile-homes have private and complete bathroom, TV, Internet Wi-Fi, air conditioning, all our kitchen are equipped like yours,they have also internal parking, to spend your holidays with all possible comforts.

The satisfaction of children is one of our main target. For this reason we have special spaces with the most comfortable and amusing games for your sons.

Oasi Smeralda
Camping Adriatico di Tantucci Graziano & C. S.A.S.
s.s. Adriatica Sud 264-B - 60017 Marzocca di Senigallia - Ancona - ITALY
P.IVA: 02580710420 - Phone: +39.071.698831 -